Sunday, November 21, 2010

the fourth season

blush rushes 'cross
ambered maple dutch
the oaks and willows
scarlet rouges such

spring's memory
is fading fast
summer's folly
couldn't last

leaves and petals
soon to be dust
remember man
that fate you must

what joy is there
in becoming earth
where cold and damp's
devoid of mirth

a place where fool
and royals dwell
where sons and daughters
sing death's nell

the fourth season
reminds us rust
scales the skin
a patina thus

time peels away
as tears are shed
like an onion's skin
on the ground of the dead

the moon hoists spring
as bare choirs mend
the seasons four
have ends to mend

spring's life rises
from death's remains
and never looks back
from whence she came

'til summer's
consummation's once more wed
amber and rouge
sleep still in their bed


Ashley Love said...

Well, it looks like a very impressive poem. You have write like a poem and you made me think that you are a poet or writer. said...

Really nice and poetic line, i appreciate your efforts and the sense and emotions you have you must work on writing more such things. you are creative. i liked your working